MOBY P1: the only vehicle
for complete protection, connection, and mobility

Physical protection & germ proof isolation for high risk cases

MOBY P1 meets the norms and standards of hospital requirements for positive/negative pressure rooms – an essential part of controlling the spread of infectious diseases within healthcare facilities.

MOBY P1 lowers operating costs and can help improve outcomes in critical situations by making safe intra-hospital transport, emotional support, and participation in life possible. Because together, we get better.

Easing medical separation:
we improve life for isolation patients
and their care givers

In acute care settings, medical isolation leads to 17% longer stays, 23% higher costs, and higher readmission rates. MOBY P1 is the world’s first mobile protective vehicle created to secure freedom and human contact, even in the most precarious of medical situations.

Built for better medical isolation
and patient transport

High-grade air filtration

Complete pathogen protection is achieved with dual HEPA filters inside and outside, operating under positive and negative pressure – to protect either the occupant or the surroundings. MOBY P1’s secure closure is both air and gas-tight.

360 visibility canopy

When the canopy is closed, a 360-degree view is maintained. The zero-blind-spot interior is designed for fast and easy disinfection.

Active and passive electric drive

MOBY P1 comes with an electric motor capable of both active and passive drive, enabling anyone to drive or be driven in MOBY P1 smoothly.

Multi-use access ports

Several modular access ports allow invertible gloves or device modules like patient monitors to be installed. While using MOBY P1, treatment can be continued – even direct touch with patients is possible.

Clear communication

A digital intercom transports sound naturally both ways. Clear communication without any restriction vision, speech, or touch creates the closest thing to normal, in-person interaction.

Sensitive ergonomics

Several seat cushions for different heights create comfortable seating. Vertical hinged opening allows for easy entrance and exit, with dual-side assistance if necessary.

Medical isolation happens
everywhere, every day

Increased Vulnerability / Reverse Isolation

  • Immunosupressive therapy patients

  • All organ transplantations

  • Bone marrow transplants

  • Intensive care stays

  • Cancer treatment

  • Burn unit

  • End of life care

  • Kidney dialysis

Infection Control / Medical Isolation

  • Care and visits of highly infectious patients (Tuberculosis, covid etc.)

  • Flash isolation of infectious patients

  • ER isolation

  • Efficient use of hospital rooms

  • Reduction in patient-staff pathogen transmission

  • Reduction in patient-staff pathogen transmission

Other cases, where MOBY can protect

  • At home isolation (for example due to asthma, diabetes)

  • Radiation protection (for example due to radioiodine therapy)

  • A cost effective solution for any other cases where an isolation room is required

The best way through
is together